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We can help you to identify key features, create a plan of product development and get the project ready to launch whether you’re just starting or looking to expand, our team is here for you.

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Software development for startups

Project Discovery & Specification

Let us help you prepare a solid project specification that will guide you through the product development process.

Agile Software Development

Build a flawless, responsive website or application with our team of experienced designers and developers in 8-weeks-long cycles.

MVP Development

Step by step, we’ll help you design, develop and launch your Minimum Viable Product, helping to turn that vision turn into a project that satisfies both you and your target audience’s needs.

Responsive Web Design

A responsive website is the key to customer satisfaction. We make sure that the sites we build for you look great on all types of devices and all types of browsers.

Software development partner

We develop software with high-quality features in short iterations.

The rigth team

We are a team of consultants, developers, marketers, and designers that have all the skills you need to build a successful software development project.

Adjusted to market needs

As experienced tech consultants, we can help you to make sure that the money you invested in technology will be well spent and you will only implement features that are the most beneficial.

User-friendly product

All our software development projects are user-friendly, responsive and battle-tested to make sure they will amaze the end-user.

Rapid agile development

Efficiency is our focus: we’ve built enough projects to be confident in delivering yours on time.

Our process

How we work with your startup product.


First we help you to develop a strategy and define goals. Work with our consultants to find the key feature that defines your product and establish the project scope.

Agile Software Development

Having defined the requirements, our developers start laying the foundations for the build. By the time the design is finalized, the tech team is ready to integrate it with the functionality and do its development magic. Already at this stage, the project undergoes rigorous testing to ensure a successful introduction to the market.

Project Launch

After rigorous testing and closed beta for the selected few customers we open up the tool for the more general public. The project is ready within 8 weeks of work.

Further Product Development

After this milestone, we can help you with marketing efforts and ongoing product development and enhancements.


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